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Strategies for coping with life's bumps and bruises from a battle-scarred

mom, survivor, optimist


After reading countless articles detailing ways to achieve a happy life, I realized no one was speaking to those of us who need space in the middle of adversity.

Space to think, breathe, move forward and yes, be happy. At some point in life, everyone confronts misfortune. During that period, be it long or short, I believe you need a respite from whatever’s plaguing you. 


It’s the promise of finding moments of happiness while you’re down and figuring out how to get back up.

You can do this. I did.

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Jane Smith Fisher Video: Learning to find moments of happiness in the midst of adversity. 

Happy When Sad
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April 4, 2021 Newsday Article: Making it through the dark

Life's tragedies gave way to determination, propelling me to create the How To Be Happy When You’re Sad website to help others.

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